2019 Holiday Giftguide For The Adventurer in Your Life

Veldskoen's taken the chore out of holiday shopping for the adventurer in your life.  

After a year of searching, we handpicked 10 FUN Gift Ideas, to bring you & yours holiday cheer through out the year!

LEUS: Beach Towels

Leus Cotton Beach Towel

Leus surf towels are not only super absorbent, they’re a statement. Eye catching 100% premium cotton that looks & feels like paradise, perfect poolside or beachside.

COR Surf: Waterproof Dry Backpack 

Dry Wet Backpack from Cor Surf

Beach Life isn't meant to be waterproof, so this backpack is ✅ extra bonus it floats. The Waterproof Dry Backpack by COR Surf is a high quality wet/dry bag perfect for a day at the beach & beyond.

Waboba: Outdoor Games

Fun outdoor Games Waboba

Who doesn’t want to Keep Life Fun. Play more. Never grow up? Waboba the creators of the original Water Bouncing Ball, are committed to making that happen, with an array of outdoor games to keep you forever stoked.

Veldskoen Shoes: Adventure Footwear 

Veldskoen USA Shoes Chukka Boots

Life in Southern California consists of flip flops 89% of the time. When that 11% hits, it’s clutch to find a shoe that still feels like bare feet sinking into wet sand.  Veldskoen Shoes deliver all-day comfort, durability, in variety of fun colors to brighten your sole. 

SurfEars 3.0 : Waterproof Ear Plugs

Surf Ears, Ear Plugs for Water ocean wear

Surfer's ear is no joke! Grab these stellar  waterproof ear plugs for surfing and other water activities. Protect your ears without affecting hearing, balance, or fun.

Everyday California : Apparel 

Bean made by Everyday California

Crafted in California since 2010, these cozy beanies make Everyday feel like a California adventure, from the high seas to tall trees.

DaFins: Swim Fins

Dafins limited Edition by Slyde Handboards Yellow x Black

Choosing good fins as a swimmer, bodysurfer, or handboarder is key, they’ll turn an average day in the water into the time of your life.  Fresh on the scene are the yellow & black Slyde Limited Edition Dafins. Not only will these swim fins turn you into a dolphin at sea, you’ll win some serious style points.

Baja Llama : Hawaiian Shirts

Linen Hawaiian Shirt by Baja Lllama

The world's finest linen cotton blend button ups with hand painted prints that tell stories & make you want to create your own. Baja Llama Shirts inspired by misadventurists exploits from around the world, that dare to be worn.


Slyde Handboards Honeycomb Bula board

Purposely Designed to get you barreled.  The Slyde Handboard Honeycomb Bula is next level wave riding.  The ultimate culmination of years of riding and shaping handboards by Hawaiian Bodysurfing Royalty, Sean Enoka. Truly, delivering epic wave riding in the palm your hand.


 Fa la la la la, la la la la may all your days be Stoked & Bright!

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