The Veldskoen kids shoe range is here!

The Veldskoen kids shoe range is here!

The South African born legend itself, VELDSKOEN®, has decided to go BIGGER by going SMALLER – and catering for our little ones. There is no better way to pave the way towards a better future than having the privilege of making styling suede shoes for our future leaders, YouTubers, lawyers, and CEOs.

The same  chukka boot style and colorful soles you fell in love with when you saw our  Heritage Veldskoen range, are now made in  children’s sizes 9 to 2 and will be available in the US by November!

Our kid's suede shoe designs all celebrate well-known African wildlife! The Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Lion, Rhinoceros, and the Elephant designs are as adorable as the models who will be wearing them! 

Each pair of these  kids chukka boots can be bought with a  detachable animal tag on its  multicoloured laces, which gives wearers the option to swop out, and changeup, the look of their favorite pair of shoes with their friends.

Meet our  Veldskoen Kids characters

Robbie The Rhino

Robbie the Rhino is a bit of a local superhero. He makes sure all the other rhinos, and his other animal friends are safe. He will never let a bully get away with hurting anyone! His real talent is rugby. It may not look like it, but Robbie can outrun any Springbok on the team. His motto is to try and try again!

Cooper the Croc

Cooper the croc is a bit of a prankster. He likes to make mischief, by pretending he is sleeping on the river bank and then surprising whoever walks by, and then laughing when they topple into the water. He makes up for it by giving them hot chocolate and cookies afterward. What most people do not know is that Cooper is a wonderful chef! He is also the only vegetarian crocodile in Africa and one day would like to open a restaurant on the river bank!

Eddie the Elephant

Eddie is a smarty pants! He is even smarter than Google! He once began reciting the contents of the entire internet to his friends, but they asked him to stop after three days of facts about elephants. Eddie is so clever, if you tell him something once, he remembers it perfectly forever! But be careful, he may remember exactly what you said and Eddy isn’t very good at keeping secrets.

Harper the Hippo

Harper is a little bit shy. If you catch her observing you, she may quickly disappear underneath the water. But if you observe her without her knowing, you might just see her doing the most beautiful underwater ballet in the world!  

Logan The Lion

Logan the lion is a very good singer and beatboxer! He entertains all his friends with his beautiful voice at parties. Logan also loves taking naps in the sunshine and he dreams of one day recording an album with the Rolling Stones!

Your children can be the first to step out in Veldskoen kid's style, 

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