These Boots were made for Walking, Talking and Adventuring: Veldskoen

Women’s shoes have come a long way. Throughout history women have been commended for adapting to change, well, it seems as though their shoes played a role in the ‘evolution’.

Fashion trends come and go

We think it’s fair to say that fashion trends are always changing. From ‘wacky’ to ‘understated’ back to ‘wacky’ – we just can’t keep up. The one thing that hasn’t changed, is that women have remained fashion icons, no matter the trend!

These Boots were made for Walking, Talking and Adventuring

Women power

That being said, in the world of ‘women’s fashion’ – the FAVE shoes so far have been sandals, Go-go boots, platforms, peep-toes and everything in-between. Keeping that mind, nowadays, women’s fashion has become more and more androgynous and gender-fluid. Moving away from femininity – in other words, lace and delicacy. Women of today are taking on roles they never used, and there is a ‘shoe brand’ that accommodates for this power, it’s VELDSKOEN.

These Boots were made for Walking, Talking and Adventuring

A shoe for any occasion

VELDSKOEN’S ‘heritage’ range and VELLIES, both exude the message of power and what it means to be a modern woman.  Both styles are perfect for work, grabbing some ‘after-hours drinks’ with colleagues, those weekend adventures or just picking up the kids from soccer practice – there is a shoe for every occasion. Finally, a shoe brand that has no limits – no climate restrictions or dress code recommendations, a brand with no rules is a brand for any woman, ALL women.  

These Boots were made for Walking, Talking and Adventuring

The large selection of colored soles and matching laces, gives the brand even more power, power of selection. The colours for the ‘heritage’ range include black, grey, green, blue, orange, yellow, red and pink. However, the VELLIES are available in slightly FUNKIER colors – such as violet, peach, nude and black (there must be a ‘black’/classic option, it’s safe and reliable!).

It’s a known fact that there have always been WAY more out there for males, in terms of footwear, UNTIL NOW! The brand was created for women TOO and we wanted to challenge the ideals of what women’s fashion should be – something that all the greats in the fashion industry have done, so why not be a part of history?

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