Our list of the best festivals to attend this year in the States

One of the most famous festivals IN THE WORLD, is currently upon us – Coachella! Seeing as this epic event kicks off a series of festivals in the states, it seems fitting to put together a short list of the festivals to watch out for in 2019. Who knows you may bump into someone famous, Coachella is known to have quite the A-list crowd?

  1. Coachella

    Let’s start at the beginning, the ONE AND ONLY Coachella festival. The music festival, held in Palm Springs, falls over two weekends this April 2019. Coachella is one of THE most well-known festivals in the world. The event seems to be THE place to be for all A-list celebs – actors, singers, dancer, model; you name it! Not only is the festival known for having a line-up that almost impossible to top but it is also the time to showcase the most outrageous and over-the-top outfits you could possibly think of. One of the highlights of the weekend is to check your Instagram feed to see who is wearing what, it’s a whole new level of excitement.

    Coachella 2014 sunset with balloon chain and Lightweaver
  2. Outside Lands

    Golden Gate Park in San Francisco opens its gates to one of the world’s weirdest and wonderful mid-year experience. ‘Music festival’ is far too limiting – the event combines art, comedy, food, AND music to create an unbelievable sensory overload! Known for its originality, Outside Lands, is a 3-day event including musicians ranging from Paul Simon to Blink 182 and everything in between. With amazing food, market stalls and talks – the event really is for everybody, definitely an event to add to your calendar this August!

  3. Bonnaroo

    Creole for “good stuff”, Bonnaroo is an arts and music festival in Manchester, Tennessee. A line-up covering almost every music genre known to man, the event is also an opportunity for artistic expression that manifests in a variety of shapes and forms. As you walk through the ‘Bonnaroo’ arch at the entrance, there are unique and quirky landmarks scatter all over the venue – each year they get more experimental and louder! One of the most iconic art forms at the festival must be ‘the wall’. The wall has many different facets, but it is seen as a way of expression for artists, as well as guests. There is a section of the wall titled “before I die I want to” – a bucket-list item for many!

    The Other Tent (4704559835)
  4. Warped Tour

    Did you really think we wouldn’t include a punk rock festival for all you head bangers out there? Well, get ready to experience some major mosh-pits and craziest air-guitar faces – you’re probably pulling one right now! Hosted by the world-famous skating brand, Vans, the alternative rock event was one of the first ‘travelling’ festivals of its kind. The bands performing, tour the states and Canada over a month period – if you’ve ever dreamed of being a groupie, now’s your chance.  A lot of artists use the tour as a launching pad to be discovered, so if you’re looking to be scouted this could also be your chance to sign up!

    Warped Tour merch tents 2010-08-10 01
  5. Stage Coach

    This one’s for all ya’ll country folk. There can’t be a top US festival list without a little bit of country. The event is an outdoor country music festival which is held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The festival has seen performers such as Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, and Blake Shelton. Unlike the rest, the festival is open to all ages – it’s a family affair! Set your picnic blanket and get the perfect view of the stage. There is also an app to download to make sure you don’t miss any of your favorite acts, what a bonus.

    There it is – the top 5 festivals to attend in the US this year. Don’t forget to pack your VELDSKOEN, you’re going to need them!

Main image courtesy Alan Paone [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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