Your Ultimate Guide to The men's Chukka Boot

Men’s Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are ankle-high boots with leather uppers, leather or rubber soles, and open lacing with two or three eyelets. The word “chukka” stems from horse polo, where a chukka is a period of play. This can be confusing because polo boots typically are much higher, with some reaching just below the knees. 

Chukka boots are named after British army boots of the second world war and not polo boots, as the name suggests.

Veldskoen, translated from Afrikaans (South African Dutch-inspired language), means bush shoe, and the history of veldskoen is tied up in the indigenous Koi-San people of the Cape and the Dutch settlers that landed on the shores of South Africa. Veldskoen shoes were created for all-day comfort while working in the fields or walking long distances besides the ox wagon.

Modern-day Veldskoen Chukka boots retained their original comfort as an essential ingredient but have been improved using modern inner materials, among other variables. On the outside, stitching, uniformed full-grain leather, durable laces in various colors, and robust soles in various colors all contributed to the various styles to bring these sturdy boots to the catwalks of the world.

Men’s Brown Veldskoen Chukka Boots

A man is often judged by his shoes.

A man’s shoes tell a great deal about the man. The type of shoes a man wears to an occasion and the condition of his shoes may result in him being unfairly judged by strangers who may influence his future.

The conventional pair of brown Veldskoen Chukka boots will raise intrigue about a man’s character. When people look down, they see stylish brown boots with neat visible stitching running around the boot upper. What’s not to like?

Each Chukka boot is handcrafted in Durban, South Africa, using ethically sourced local materials. This empowers local communities and reduces the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process. Our team includes master shoemakers, and each shoe receives the same care and attention to detail.

Comfort is a priority, so while physical comfort is paramount, so is the emotional comfort of knowing that your feet will always smell fresh after a day in a pair of Veldskoen Chukka boots.

Brown Veldskoen Chukka boots come in various hues ranging from light to dark, but if you prefer black boots or charcoal-tone boots, we have you covered. 

Classic Charcoal Chukka Boots.

Genuine leather is always a winner when it comes to shoes or boots. Veldskoen only uses full-grain leather, the most robust and resilient type. Full-grain leather patinas well over time, and with the proper care, your pair of Veldskoen Chukka boots will last a lifetime. The inners are made of soft, durable materials stitched to the boot, so you battle with shifting inners.

Eight Feet Chukka boots carry great pride.

This may seem like an odd name for Chukka boots until you see where the inspiration for these masculine boots comes from. Veldskoen collaborated with the four DuToit brothers. Pieter is the eldest and plays rugby for the South African National team, the Springboks. He was awarded rugby player of the year in 2019 and is worth his weight in gold to the game.

A shared ethos of family values, hard work, and progress through working together cemented the collaboration with this award-winning family. You will be eight feet tall when you slip into a pair of Eight Feet Chukka boots.

Sorai Chukka boots for the Rhino

Sorai Chukka boots have an earthy color and look very comfortable to walk in. Veldskoen donates the profits from the sales of these stunning Chukka boots to the Kariega Reserve Foundation’s “Walk With Us” campaign to maintain their Anti-Poaching Unit.

The Sorai Chukka serves to promote Rhino conservation and raise awareness of the plight of rhinos and other endangered wildlife species. To do this successfully, we had to put the same degree of effort into our Sorai Chukka boots because you will spread the word further every time you wear them.

The beauty is that no matter the time of day or how long you’ve been wearing your Sorai Chukka boots, you can always take one off for closer inspection. I know you’d love to do this because you’ll always have fresh-smelling feet.

Sorai Chukka boots, like all the Chukka boots in our range, are made with high-performance technical leather that repels water. The full-grain leather we use is breathable, and we like to keep our boots and shoes as natural as possible so you can benefit from these many innate characteristics.  

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