5 Head-to-Toe Things Every Girl Needs To Pay Attention to At Coachella

5 head-to-toe things every girl needs to pay attention to at Coachella

This go-to guide will be every girl’s best friend this summer. If you don’t have any pictures wearing the trendiest outfit and must-have accessories, was Coachella even worth it? Did it even happen?


Glitter, Braids and more Glitter

Who knew accessorizing your hair would be the next big craze? The options are endless and there’s no such thing as ‘over-the-top’ – the bolder the better at Coachella! The go-to festival hairstyle this summer involves braids, hairspray and a whole lot of glitter.

Sparkly and colorful hair is right on trend – we are talking pink, blue, purple you name it. Channel your inner ethereal self this Coachella and go all out! and most of all stand out. Don't be a shrinking violet let your inner FIERCE out this summer

The Face, Don’t Forget the Face

We all love the natural look – but not for this years’ Coachella, it's a festival after all. The crazier the make-up the better – face art, face jewels and a whole lot of, you guessed it, GLITTER. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and we want you to set your soul on fire this summer! To ensure your eyes remain the bigger feature, opt for a more natural shade of lipstick.

No Look is Complete at Coachella Without Jewelery

Earrings are making an impressive comeback and we can’t get enough of them!  A big, bold pair of earrings is a statement look and is the perfect finishing touch to your Coachella outfit – whether it be hoops, tassels or feathers. If you haven’t managed to find those iconic earrings, have no fear – you can make up for it with body jewelry. Jewelry no longer pertains to the facial region; body chains drape over the front or back of the bodes – contributing to a classy yet elegant result. Go all out and stand out this Coachella

Coachella Outfit Choices - this  is where you can really shine 

Now for the main event, you’ve waited long enough, so here it goes!
The accessories contribute to the noise of the ensemble, it is vital that your choice of clothing at Coachella speaks to who you are. there is no such a thing as being too loud at Coachella or any other festival for that matter.

Your color choice should try to include earth colors and darker colors. The great thing about the earth and darker colors is they hide the dirt! Its a dusty festival we know we've been. This is a festival after all and unless you have the cash like Kardashian you're gonna be slum'n it for the most part (but having a blast). Dark earth colors will do a better job of making you look like a queen way longer. Also, Just remember that Coachella is in a desert and it gets really hot at during the day and cold at night bring something warm for nighttime.

Our top tip: Find a hunky guy to borrow his jacket that way you can look awesome all day without having to drag around extra baggage and still cozy up at night. 😉

There is nothing more tasteful than a black one piece, accompanied by a sheer caftan – less is most certainly more in this case, especially during the day. Throw on a summer dress or playsuit and dress the lookup with all of the above. Clothing choice is the make or breaks for your overall outfit; choose carefully for Coachella 

Footwear to keep your toes safe

Like any festival, Coachella is a crazy place and glass and all sorts of obstacles get dropped on the floor. Don't end your weekend by spending it in the emergency tent.

The safer the better; doc martins, sneakers or combat boots although it gets hot we don't advise on wearing open-toed shoes. Coachella weather conditions are not always favorable and we don’t want you to ruin your pedicures or your weekend!

Your best bet is to wear a pair of Veldskoen. Veldskoen comes in a myriad different colors to match your awesome Coachella outfit, Pink, Red, Yellow  and many many more check them all out here.

They are designed to not only look amazing and super cute but also, they have been used for African conditions for over 300 years. The suede leather will keep your feet safe from just about everything. The natural leather will also keep your feet smelling and feeling like roses all weekend. You will be standing for long periods at a time and these will keep your feet from cramping so you can enjoy your Coachella weekend and not worry about getting "foot tired"

We must warn you! wearing your colorful Veldskoen come with a lot of compliments so be prepared to engage with a lot of strangers on how amazing your shoes are. 😃

5 Head-to-Toe Things Every Girl Need To Pay Attention to At Coachella... and Every Other Festival

You can tell a lot about someone by the shoes they wear and we want you to make an impression – you never know which A-list celebrity you could be bumping into.

Don’t' waste time Coachella will be here sooner than you think 

You may think you have time got some time Coachella is an expensive weekend don't make it more expensive by having to pay for expedited shipping because you left it to the last minute. 

Get your outfit organized now using this go-to guide to help steer you in the right direction. Be creative and follow the trends! There’s nothing worse than not being in the loop; familiarize yourself with today’s looks and keep an eye on what the stars are planning to wear to the next Coachella. Most of all have an amazing and safe time Coachella and any festival are experiences you will remember for the rest of your life make it a good memory.

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