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- Sustainably sourced
- Extremely comfortable
- Breathable, hydrophobic leather
- Made in South Africa
Full-grain leather Veldskoen shoes start out stiff but quickly stretch and soften. When you first try them on, they need to fit very tightly over the bridge of your foot. Within a few minutes of wear, they will stretch to fit comfortably. Wear them with socks the first 2-5 times to allow them to completely soften and take on the shape of your foot. Once worn in, Veldskoen can confidently be worn without socks. Our breathable leather is a natural deodorizer. 
Men choose M size and Women choose W sizing.

Heritage Origin (Crepe Sole & San Diago Upper)

Nestled in the Cedarberg mountains lies the sleepy town of Wupperthal. The town is accessible only by one tarred road and a lot of patience. It is home to South Africa's oldest shoe factory, which was also the very first commercial producer of veldskoen shoes.

The Origin design is simple, elegant, steadfast, and strong. Like the shoes that were produced in Wupperthal, each pair is crafted with love, patience, and honed skill.

The Origin is everything a Veldskoen should be. It's our tribute to the place where it all began. Exclusively available from Cape Union Mart and Veldskoen

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Mike W. (Washington, US)
Outstanding fit, value, and style

I am elated with my new Veldshoen boots. The fit is perfect and they were comfortable out of the box. The style is classic.

Mark A. (Taylors, US)

Great fit from the moment I put them on, and only getting better. Could not ask for a more comfortable shoe!

Eric R. (Atlanta, US)
fantastic shoe

love these shoes, really comfortable and love the looks.

Caren M. (Porter Ranch, US)

Everything about the shoe was good

Luis C. (West Hartford, US)
Not very comfortable.

I like the look of the Veldskoen Safari shoes, I remember the PH’s in Zimbabwe
wearing them (I should have bought a pair then), however they are not vey comfortable especially at the instep. They’re also difficult to put on. I’ve worn them steadily for a week now (only with medium weight socks so far) and hopefully they’s feel better in warmer weather without socks (I live in New England and IT IS winter.).