Tayla Jane Women's Chukka Boots

Tayla Jane Women's Chukka Boots - The ultimate pair of desert boots

The Tayla Jane women's Chukka Boots are a collaboration with private safari guide, trainer, and wildlife presenter Tayla McCurdy.

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Veldskoen ​​Shoes

Tayla Jane Woman's Chukka Boots are in a league of their own as they break the stereotypical female dress code. Still, they also unintentionally support the age-old stereotypical female trait of multi-tasking.

This statement may have confused or intrigued you enough to discover the honest-to-God transparent truth about these magical women's vellies.

Perhaps a straight-to-the-point revelation will shed some light on the secret awesomeness of Tayla Jane Chukka boots, more commonly referred to as "my fave pair of shoes." 

For starters, let's get back to the statement about breaking and supporting stereotypes. Veldskoen boots carry a long history as hardy and comfortable work shoes. 

This image was primarily associated with the male of our species, while females had to be content with court-type shoes and the like—my – how things change.

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The ability to multi-task is a given trait of all women, and our caveman mentality demands this to be true every time—my, my – how things don't change.

Women multi-task as a regular part of daily life, and Tayla Jane's chukka boots make it much more manageable. Let's see why?

Veldskoen collaborated with an adventurous and high-spirited woman, Tayla Mccurdy, to help design and create the ultimate all-around female boot.

Tayla believes in conservation and preserving our heritage for future generations.  

She spends much of her time on her feet and depends on comfortable, good-quality shoes to optimize her lifestyle. 

The results speak for themselves. 

An eco-friendly footprint for generations to come 

Reducing one's carbon footprint on this fragile planet is a universal driving force, and we are proud to be part of this positive life attitude. 

Ethics govern our actions, and from the smallest detail to the final product, ethics and sustainability are ingrained in our moral compass. 

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Women's Chukka Boots: Handcrafted comfort to keep your feet fresh and healthy all day long

Kicking your shoes off and rubbing your sore feet after a long day is a thing of the past. 

We thought deeply about how precious your feet are, and with the right minds involved in creating the Tayla Jane range of chukka boots, it was all systems go!

Comfort, breathability, and foot and ankle support make Tayla Jane chukka boots a girl's go-to pair of shoes for all occasions.

Women's Chukka Boots: Ultimate comfort wrapped in style

Yes, bobby socks do look good with vellies, and you can even change the color of your laces to compliment your outfit.

Tayla Jane chukka boots come in an array of colors, including black, which is always essential for those more formal occasions where there's always a lot of standing around and talking.

The soft, flexible leather conforms and molds to the shape of your foot and will remain flexible, giving you more freedom of movement. 

This is complemented by soft, durable stitch-down insoles made from the best materials. 

There you have it, comfort wrapped around your feet, and the beauty of it all is that your feet can still breathe and stay fresh all day long. 

The Tayla Jane women

Women's Chukka Boots: Easy clean, no-nonsense boots

What about rainy weather and the muddy slush that often catches you unaware at outdoor events, you might ask? 

We thought of that too and made sure that if it happens to you, you may chuckle and say, "no problem.

Tayla Jane chukka boots repel water and are super easy to clean. A simple wipe down with a soft, damp cloth usually does the trick. A handy tip is always to follow the care instructions. 

Tayla Jane woman's Chukka boots give you the freedom to take on the challenges of the daily grind. 

They are designed for comfort, and you don't have to be a biologist to know that these snazzy chukka boots have a feminine touch.

You judge how comfortable and stylish these feet gems are.

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