The Perfect Shoe for ‘Street’ Dancers They've used them in Africa for Centuries

Five qualities of VELDSKOEN shoes, which make the shoes the perfect pair for street dancers 

In order to keep up with the demanding lifestyle that the career demands – there are many qualities that ‘street dancers’ look for in a pair of shoes.

Comfort like nothing you have ever felt

VELDSKOEN shoes are made out of cow-hide leather, which doesn’t only ensure quality and durability, it ensures comfortability. Once the shoes have been worn in, the leather molds to the shape of your foot – a second skin that won’t get in the way of your dance moves and routine.

Non-slip sole to keep you moving 

Nothing puts a damper on a routine like a fall or misstep. Dancers be rest assured this will not happen when wearing VELDSKOEN® shoes. Every pair is equipped with soles that have grips strong enough to sustain any ‘backflip’ or slippery surface.

Low maintenance and durability

There’s an ongoing problem that dancers, especially ‘street dancers’, run into – keeping their shoes clean. The raw-hide leather composition makes the cleaning and upkeep of shoes straight forward and hassle-free. Say goodbye to the stress of throwing out your favorite white sneakers – choose VELDSKOEN® instead.

Unique a different color to match any soul

The goal for all artists, especially dancers, is to set themselves apart from their competitors and ultimately, stand out. VELDSKOEN is THE shoe that will, without a doubt, get all dancers noticed for the right reasons – their fancy footwork and great taste in footwear, of course. Displaying the colorful soles of VELDSKOEN® is a sure-fire way to put yourself out there.


It’s safe to say dancers take a gamble when opting to dance in their favorite pair of shoes. There is always the risk of the tearing the fabric and scuffing the soles. Believe it or not VELDSKOEN® shoes improve with age – the cow-hide leather ages beautifully. The ‘worn’ appearance of the aged leather, gives the shoes just that much more character.

Sneakers are no longer the choice of footwear when it comes to ‘street dancing’, and now you know why.


The riel dancers of Capetown 

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