Top 5 night walks to do in Los Angeles

Top 5 night walks to do in L.A.

L.A takes on a whole new personality when the sun goes down, and the best way to hit the streets is on foot.

And we aren’t just saying that because we sell shoes. (But now that you mention it, we do sell some pretty fantastic shoes. Check them out here.) 

Anyway, we’ve put together Velskoen’s top 5 “night walks” to do in L.A. 

DTLA Art walk

It means Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. We write in abbreviations now. We are cool woke like that. Okay, not really. 

The Downtown LA Art Walk takes place every second Thursday of the month.

It began ten years ago along Spring and Main streets and now includes various galleries, shops, pop-up installations, and landmarks in twelve of Down Town LA’s city blocks. 

The DTLA Art Walk is also a non-profit organization, which aids young artists with exhibition space, vocations, and training opportunities.

So by doing the walk, you are putting good Booga-Booga back into the universe and supporting artists (some struggling, some with trust funds).

The walk is self-guided and completely free. (The customized Google map gallery guide is available on the Art Walk website, and also here)

When you’ve had enough culture for one evening, you can always turn a corner and find an arty little bar filled with music and muses.

Mural of nipsy hustle

Hit the Street Food Cinema

This one is not so much a walk-walk as a stroll amongst street food stalls and snack trucks at an outdoor movie theatre.

We don’t care. Every step counts. #fitforlife!

It’s also not always in the same place. The 27 feature films screened at 15 different locations Exposition Park, Victory Park, Glendale Central park (all the parks, really).

You can get the complete list of venues and feature films for the next season of Street Food Cinema here.

In case the thought of hunger has been worrying you for the last two sentences, all the fantastic street food moves to these locations with the films, do not stress. 

Top 5 night walks to do in Los Angeles street food cinema

Walk the Hollywood Strip

Hollywood Boulevard is unique in the daytime, but it becomes utterly magical at night! It is an excellent place for spotting celebrities in their natural habitat; You may see an actual Renee Zellweger or 6ft drag queen by the same name.

Either way, a walk down the boulevard offers endless entertainment opportunities.

Apart from the walk of fame[AV1],- where you can step on a star’s name, there’s the  TCL Chinese Theatre - famous for hosting Hollywood’s most notable movie premieres since 1927.

The Dolby Theatre - famous for hosting the academy awards every year.

The Capital Records building - where you can watch a live taping of Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel for FREE

 Hollywood boulevard walk of fame with red old car

Walk the strip, man!

Hollywood’s Haunted Walking Tour

Hollywood’s Haunted Walking Tour takes you on a two-and-a-half-hour search for the most beautiful and glamorous unsettled Spirits on the upside-down of Tinsel town!

You will hear all about Hollywood’s most famous tragic deaths and mysteries. Halfway in, you also break at a haunted bar for some beautiful and glamorous spirits of a more lively kind.

Kids over 12 years old are welcome to join the tour, providing they only drink nonalcoholic drinks at the bar.

Ghost hunters (you read that right) are also welcome; providing their ghost detection gear doesn’t startle any of the tour’s living participants.

Also, the tour guides recommend you wear comfortable shoes. We happen to know about an excellent website for finding some.

Hollywood haunted

Moonlight Rollerway.

It’s not technically night walking; it’s night skating. Which is better, so we put it on our list. Moonlight Rollerway has been part of Southern California living for decades.

It was first opened as Harry’s Roller Rink in 1956. It still has its original flooring and, impressively, some of its original staff.

It’s a disco on wheels, what’s not to love? On Throwback Thursday nights, the owner, who has been an employee of the Rollerway since the late 1960s, still plays the organ. 

Moonlight Rollerway has been in several films and television shows. It was one of the locations for Lovelace, a movie about porn star Linda Lovelace’s life.

Apart from that, it’s all about super wholesome family fun. Gum chewing, foul language, the intoxication of any kind, or carrying children while wearing skates will get you thrown out.

As will Deep Throat jokes. (If you didn’t understand that reference, Moonlight Rollerway is the perfect L.A “night walk” for you!)

Evening sessions run from 8 till 11 pm and cost $11 per person with Rental skates at $5 if you don’t have your own. 

  [AV1]please hyperlink ‘walk of fame’ to our article on ‘Veldskoen’s top 5 most Instagram-able things to do in L.A. 

Roller skates pink with graffiti on them

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