Top 5 wine experiences in Los Angeles and Malibu

Here are five of the best wine experiences in L.A, from the beach to downtown, each offering a unique experience that you will remember long after your last sip. 

We are calling them 'experiences' because they are pretty diverse. But if you like wine and like doing things while drinking it, then this Veldskoen top 5 list is for you.

Try a Wine and Dine Walking tour.

These are infinitely better than wine and dine-driving under the influence tours. Joking. We're joking! Who does that? 

Several wines and dine walking tour options are available. We are most excited about the oldest and most popular choice- the Down Town LA Wine and Dine Walking tour.

The guided tour will take you to several culinary DTLA hotspots, where you will taste amazing morsels perfectly paired with fine wines.

Between the eating and drinking spots, you will also stop at famous DTLA sites.

The tour guide will also teach about the historical and cultural significance of visiting places. 

Wear comfortable shoes you will be walking, after all. And even though you will constantly be eating and drinking a variety of delicious things, all included in your tour price, we suggest taking along some bottled water to keep hydrated and something warm. Los Angeles can get pretty cold when the sun goes down. 


Go private wine tasting for two in a limo.

We think this type of wine tasting excursion is just the right amount of cheesy.

You and your lover (or your mother, whatever, no judgment) will be picked up from and dropped off at your hotel in a stretch limo.

This fine, or possibly terribly tacky, motor vehicle (depending on the rental company's inclination towards colored lights and faux fur seat covers) will transport you on a six-hour adventure to three Malibu boutique wineries. 

Your trip includes snacks and a picnic lunch of charcuterie, bread and cheese, fine chocolates, champagne, and of course, loads of wine. 

And, just in case, you go on these types of tours to learn about wine, opposed to just consuming too much of it.

Each winery you stop at provides you and your partner with a time by a certified sommelier ( very, very fancy wine waiter) who can explain the wine to you using words like "cultivars," "tannins," and "vintage" correctly. 

Top 5 wine experiences in Los Angeles and Malibu wine on limo tour

Do a Malibu Wine Safari

People often come to Malibu hoping that they will accidentally run into a celebrity. Fair enough.

Charlie Sheen, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Ellen de Generes, Jack Nicholson – at some stage, all these movie stars lived in Malibu, or they are still living there. 

And should you decide to take a Malibu Wine Safari on Saddle Rock Ranch, you can be assured that most of the wildlife you see would have done some pretty famous on-screen work too.

From the open-top safari vehicle, glass in hand, your tour guide will introduce you to some of the world's most famous (and now retired) four-legged actors, including alpacas, camels, bison, zebra, and one giraffe named Stanley. 

Malibu Wine Safaris offers a variety of safari experiences. You can take lunchtime or sunset safaris, and if you prefer to imbibe on your feet rather than your bottom, you can do a wine hike on the ranch. 

Either way, you will see extreme natural beauty, exotic animals and taste fantastic local wines. 

And should your spirit be lifted to do so, you can always do a private yoga class after your wine safari to detox. (The same ranch where you go to see downward-facing dogs will let you do downward-facing dogs. )

Top 5 wine experiences in Los Angeles and Malibu wine onmalibu tour

Go Malibu Wine Sailing

This is fancy wine on a fancy boat. Not your granddad's dingy, a fancy boat. One that has a kitchen, and possibly a cinema, inside it.

Take the 60ft yacht from Marina del Rey along the Los Angeles coastline to Malibu ( where you can conveniently begin your second wine tour for the day).

Taste fine local wines, soak up the sunshine, or the sunset, depending on the nature of your trip. 

Malibu Sailing recommends wine sailing trips for special occasions like birthdays and engagement parties, but also just because it's Tuesday, and you happen to be in California. 

They are currently running a promotion where the top 100 social media sharers of their platform get to sail for FREE

young couple on the back of a boat in malibu

Wine tasting at Vampire Lounge

This is just your average Beverly Hills wine tasting experience, except the establishment is rumored to be owned by actual vampires. 

They are Hollywood vampires, so the venue is in Santa Monica Boulevard, opposed to an isolated castle in the mountains where it is always raining. 

Décor is cozy kitsch if you are from dodgier parts of Transylvania, Bulgaria or hell, or dramatic and a little bit scary, but still kitsch, if you are from anywhere else. However, the Vampire Lounge wine selection (from Vampire Vineyards) is bloody brilliant!

The Lounge has sponsored movie premieres for several of Hollywood's Vampire films, the most recent being Vampire Academy.

However, its shoulder-rubbing (read neck biting) experiences include Tarantino's From Dusk till Dawn premiere, Kate Beckinsale's Underworld and Underworld Evolution premiere, and of course, the Blade and Blade Trinity premieres. 

So, this wine experience is on the list because, well, vampires! 

Vampire Lounge


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