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- Sustainably sourced
- Extremely comfortable
- Breathable, hydrophobic leather
- Made in South Africa
Full-grain leather Veldskoen shoes start out stiff but quickly stretch and soften. When you first try them on, they need to fit very tightly over the bridge of your foot. Within a few minutes of wear, they will stretch to fit comfortably. Wear them with socks the first 2-5 times to allow them to completely soften and take on the shape of your foot. Once worn in, Veldskoen can confidently be worn without socks. Our breathable leather is a natural deodorizer. 
Men choose M size and Women choose W sizing.

Veldskoen Chukka (Charcoal Sole)

The Veldskoen Chukka is our all-weather, all-purpose boot! The cut is timeless and can be dressed up or down. Perfect for outside or inside adventures! You really only need to pack one pair of shoes.


Our Charcoal Chukka boots are made from strong, full-grain, mottled leather.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Shawn L. (Muskegon, US)
Kind of Disappointed This Time Around...

I absolutely love this brand and this purchase was my 3rd in less than one year. But when these arrived, the shoebox was pretty beat up. That's not a big deal but this pair of shoes almost felt like perhaps it had been a used pair that had gotten returned. Perhaps it's just the black color, but they were fairly scuffed up, almost immediately. I take very good care of these shows and they are worn nearly exclusively indoors. I have the KARIEGA VELDSKOEN, and they are months older but have worn so much better--they still look practically brand new. This charcoal version also had a bend in each shoe, right at the bottom of the shoelace, which also gave it that "previously worn" appearance. The leather was much softer as well and didn't have that newer, stiff feel. My other two pairs still don't have this. Don't get me wrong, I continue to love this brand and I am already dreaming about my next pair! But, I was disappointed with this particular purchase, as it just didn't seem to have that same "new" feel that all my other pairs had when I received them. I considered registering a complaint to the company, but time slipped by. When I received this email asking for my opinion, I decided to take the time to let them know. Again, I, overall, LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes! They have given me an entirely new style which I dig and I get compliments all the time and people wanting to know where I got them...and I always share the website with them!

Shirley L. (Spring Lake, US)
Chukka Charcoal

A much softer, pliable leather than my first pair of brown with brown sole. Very comfortable and did not require as much breaking in for the perfect fit

SRP (Houston, US)
Love my boots

I’ve been completely satisfied with both my pairs of Veldskoen boots. They immediately feel like comfortable shoes I’ve had for years and they look great. I’m a very happy customer

Cindy B. (Wrexham, GB)
Haven’t been able to wear them yet!

I’d love to offer a review, but unfortunately I’ve not been able to wear them yet! I ordered them specifically for a trip and they arrived almost two weeks after they were supposed to, and after I had already left. So - I won’t be able to try them until I return home!

Jenny E.F. (North Ferrisburgh, US)

LOVE these shoes - they are SO comfortable right out of the box. Happy! Thanks!