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- Sustainably sourced
- Extremely comfortable
- Breathable, hydrophobic leather
- Made in South Africa
Full-grain leather Veldskoen shoes start out stiff but quickly stretch and soften. When you first try them on, they need to fit very tightly over the bridge of your foot. Within a few minutes of wear, they will stretch to fit comfortably. Wear them with socks the first 2-5 times to allow them to completely soften and take on the shape of your foot. Once worn in, Veldskoen can confidently be worn without socks. Our breathable leather is a natural deodorizer. 
Men choose M size and Women choose W sizing.

Veldskoen Langarm Sneaker (Blue Sole - Leather Shoe)

Langarm, literally ‘long arm’ in Afrikaans, is a style of dance between partners, most easily explained as a relaxed form of ballroom dancing. One partner steers the other around the floor, their interlocked hands creating a bow, like the front end of a boat.

Comically, Langarm is also sometimes called ‘windsurfing’ when partners aren’t doing the dance particularly well.

Whether your dancing is a picture of perfection or a comedy in motion, you’ll have a blast in our super comfortable Veldskoen Langarm Sneakers!

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