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- Sustainably sourced
- Extremely comfortable
- Breathable, hydrophobic leather
- Made in South Africa
Full-grain leather Veldskoen shoes start out stiff but quickly stretch and soften. When you first try them on, they need to fit very tightly over the bridge of your foot. Within a few minutes of wear, they will stretch to fit comfortably. Wear them with socks the first 2-5 times to allow them to completely soften and take on the shape of your foot. Once worn in, Veldskoen can confidently be worn without socks. Our breathable leather is a natural deodorizer. 
Men choose M size and Women choose W sizing.

Vellies Marula (Nude Sole)

When you visit the Mpumalanga lowveld, or the Kruger National Park, you might be lucky enough to see an elephant taking an afternoon nap under a Marula tree. 

According to South African folklore, elephants can become intoxicated when they eat fermented Marula fruits from the ground. 

However, the story probably just comes from elephants being elephants.  Playful one minute, deliciously lazy the next. Fermented Marula fruit only contains about 3% alcohol, not nearly enough to justify a drunken elephant. 

Regardless, we think you'd be pretty comfortable at any party in a pair of Marula Vellies.

Still everything a Veldskoen should be; tough, comfortable, and reliable, now available in an elegant bootcut.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Allan G. (Coventry, GB)
Order small

The shoes arrived in perfect condition and I was very excited to wear them for the rest of the day in the office. But my excitement will have to wait since even though I ordered what should have been my correct size and Veldskoen delivered exactly what I ordered, the boots were about two sizes too big for my feet. Rather than feeling snug around the top of the foot like Veldskoen describes, they were loose all over, even with socks. Oh well, I’ll return the large pair and try two sizes down.


Look sharp, feel very comfortable

Randi T. (Richmond, US)
Love love love

I could not love these any more! They fit beautifully (had to put a liner in the sole b/c my feet are FLAT and narrow, but that’s a me-thing) and comfortable from the first wear! They look fantastic and are worth every cent. I hope they last for years.

Lyn H. (Hayden, US)
LOVE my shoes!!

Very comfortable right out of the box, flattering style!

Alan A. (Pembroke Pines, US)
soft comfortable and fashionable

my shoes are very comfortable and seem to mold to my foot. the amount of padding is just right they also look great