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- Sustainably sourced
- Extremely comfortable
- Breathable, hydrophobic leather
- Made in South Africa
Full-grain leather Veldskoen shoes start out stiff but quickly stretch and soften. When you first try them on, they need to fit very tightly over the bridge of your foot. Within a few minutes of wear, they will stretch to fit comfortably. Wear them with socks the first 2-5 times to allow them to completely soften and take on the shape of your foot. Once worn in, Veldskoen can confidently be worn without socks. Our breathable leather is a natural deodorizer. 
Men choose M size and Women choose W sizing.

Veldskoen Woodstock (Brown Sole)

Woodstock is a wonderful Cape Town suburb, always vibrating with creative energy. Old buildings on the foot of Table Mountain are refurbished and preserved. Where they can't be saved, graffiti artists decorate the ruins with colourful, vibrant, positive imagery.

Cafes, art galleries, breweries, restaurants, street performers, and car watchers can be seen around every corner. The area is a melting pot of backgrounds, ideas, and cultures. Woodstock is trendy but tough. Just like these shoes.

Our Woodstock Chelsea boots are made from strong, full-grain, oily waxy, leather, which softens and darkens, as it ages. This leather's waxy finish initially causes it to scuff easily. If the marks bother you, they polish out easily enough with a clean cloth.

However, let them settle, you will see that what starts out as marks, become traits of a deep and lasting character. This specific leather is proof that some things just get better and better with age!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Larson (Lindsborg, US)
My 5th pair!

The craftsmanship, quality, look and comfort are why I keep coming back; comfort is priority and second to none! Thank you!


Great shoes!

Karen G. (Tampa, US)
Very uncomfortable

I absolutely love the look of the boot. I am 5ft 8 inches and I weight 165 so I'm not too over weight and these boots are so tight on my ankles that I can't wear them for more an hour. I am really hoping they stretch out because I do love them

WILLIAM C. (Seattle, US)

I ordered these boots at full cost but some **** decided to send me a flawed pair of boots with White Bloom issues or some other problem at a discounted price. I am very disappointed; the SPOTLESS Leather Cream sample does absolutely nothing.

Elzaab C.
Love my chelsea boots

They are beautiful, sturdy and comfortable from the get-go!