5 Of the best Ways to look after your Veldskoen Shoes

Follow these simple steps to keeping your pair of VELDSKOEN® in tip-top shape

We know how it goes, you get your favorite new pair of Vellies in the mail and you spend a week deciding on the perfect time to slip on your new babies, Finally that moment comes and you are stoked as you cruise down the street showing off your sweet new kicks!!

Then life happens and you step right in puddle that wasn't really puddle but more a pothole filed with 6 week old water. Firstly let's just put all your worries to rest. Your Vellies are real leather and it's going to take a lot more than a little water to ruin them. But, We know you want to look awesome so that why we put together a few simple steps to keeping your Veldskoen just like new for longer.     

As we said your Veldskoen are made from genuine cow-hide leather, and the truth is, believe it or not, they improve with age! The more worn in the shoes are, the more character they exude.

  • Brush leather with soft hair/rubber brush

    The original Veldskoen shoes were worn in dusty and dirty terrains such as the desert and farms – they were made for harsh condition. Dust and dirt are no problem for these legendary shoes; all you need to do is wait for the substance to dry and then gently brush the shoes using a circular motion. Its as easy as that.

  • Clean stains with warm water

    If the brush doesn’t work, when it comes to removing the marks, use warm water. It is not necessary to use any soap or chemicals on the leather – warm water will suffice. Do not emerge the shoes in the water, use a damp cloth and repeat the circular motion.

  • Clean soles with warm water

    It would be a shame not to clean the bright colourful soles of your VELDSKOEN . All you need is a warm cloth and the soles will look brand new – it’s important to showcase the beautiful colours of the rainbow nation!

  • Remove and soak laces

    In order to keep the laces as bright as the soles, soak the laces over night in warm, soapy water. There’s nothing worse than dirty laces – especially when you’re showcasing such an iconic shoe. 


    If you want your VELDSKOEN® to age beautifully, we suggest you don’t wash them in the washing machine. If you wash them by hand, in any of the ways mentioned above, your ‘velle’ will keep their character and the cow-hide leather will keep better and for longer.

    Follow these simple steps and your VELDSKOEN® will last longer and look better than ever. Preserve the sole of South Africa and look after the shoes that spawned a legendary category!

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