Shoes That Were Made For The Runway: Veldskoen

What features do fashion designers look for when choosing footwear and why would VELDSKOEN® be the perfect fit?

Seeing as LA Fashion week has just finished, here is a short but necessary list of shoe styles that were MADE to be showcased and walked on the runway.

 The Chukka Boot

A category spawned by the original veldskoen or ‘velle’ from South Africa – worn by members of the Khoisan. The iconic style has been reinvented by brands such as Clarks and VELDSKOEN®. The ‘heritage range’ by VELDSKOEN® has brought the legend back to life. The cowhide leather composition and bright, colourful soles; gives the iconic style a unique twist – a twist that’s fit for any runway!

 The Desert Boot the veldskoen shoe

The Chelsea Boot

A style of footwear known as a British pastime, which is arguably one of the most ‘on trend’ boots and has been for years. The elastic-slips, which are in the place of the lacing system, are the boots signature feature. Once again, VELDSKOEN® has recreated a ‘legend’. In order to cater for adventure, the global shoe brand has created one of the very first ‘Chelsea boots’ that arehydrophobic – meaning the leather is resistant to water. Not only is the range fit for the outdoors, the colorful elastic-slips and matching soles make for a major fashion statement that cannot be overlooked.


 VELLIES™ womans boot 

The creators of VELDSKOEN® have recently released an ALL FEMALE footwear range. The high-fashion shoe appears to be a feminine take on the brands signature ‘Chukka boot’. The slim-fit and high ankle cut makes for a beautiful and sleek look – fit for the modern woman. Available in unique shades, the VELLIES™ are named according to dates; the anonymity of the dates reflects the complexity and mystery of what it means to be a woman.  


 The Mule

This specific design of footwear dates to Ancient Rome and has recently made a major comeback, especially on the runway scene. The shoes are high-heeled, usually worn by females, and have no back or strap of any kind. The original look is constantly being changed and adapted, however, the current trend for mules seems to be loud embellishments and bright colors.

Sneakers on the runway

Sneakers have been around for decades and WILL be around for those to come. A type of footwear, that was originally made as an ‘athletic shoe’, has made its way into the urban/street world, as well as the world of high-fashion. Whether they have platforms, velcro-straps or LED lights; adaptations are constantly been made to ‘the sneaker’, which ensures the style will feature in fashion shows and runways all over the world and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

It is clear to see that VELDSKOEN® has a lot to offer, especially in terms of transforming the world of fashion shows and runways. The inimitable take on classic styles of footwear ensures that the brand continues to stand out among others.

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